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Public Lecture at the Architectural Association

Urban Prototypes: Mentalities and Perspectives Wednesday 6 February 18.00 pm, Main lecture hall, Architectural Associaton, 36 Bedford Square London Prototypical approaches are now prevalent within architectural and urban design. Suggesting an affinity with the speed, efficiency and flexibility of post-fordist and computational methods of research and production, the prototype appears to offer an ideal means for […]

Françoise Fromonot interview

An extract from the interview we conducted with Françoise Fromonot during her visit to the AA in October 2012 Doug Spencer: The terms type, archetype and prototype are often used interchangeably, as equivalents. Do you differentiate between, or do you see any value in making differentiations between type, archetype and prototype? Françoise Fromonot: Etymologically at least, there is […]

Eva Castro interview

An extract from an Interview conducted with Eva Castro in London, November 2012 Clara Oloriz: How would you define the term ‘prototype’ and its relations to type or typology? Eva Castro: The way that I see it, which is how we utilize it, stands probably from a certain critical point towards the type in relationship […]

Pier Vittorio Aureli interview

An extract from the interview we conducted with Pier Vittorio Aureli in October 2012 at the AA Pier Vittorio Aureli: If there is a common theme to all of my work, it has been working through archetypes; finding forms that on the one hand are absolutely generic and authorless, but at the same time very […]

Charles Waldheim interview

An extract from an interview conducted with Charles Waldheim in Mexico City: Charles Waldheim: There is a part of Landscape Urbanism that has been interested in the tension between global, economic development structures on the one hand, and the way they are expressed in local geological or ecological contexts. So, one of the functions of […]

David Grahame Shane interview

An extract from an interview we conducted with David Grahame Shane during his most recent visit to the AA: Grahame Shane:  The ‘urban prototype’ is really interesting. Is it a block? Is it a megablock? Is it a superblock? Or is it a model of the city? We’re all very critical of the idea of […]