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urban prototypes

AA San Sebastian Visiting School ‘Computing Topos’

July 2012

Directors: Maider Llaguno and Clara Oloriz

The integration of dense infrastructural networks within complex topographical territories has been revealed as a major worldwide condition often ignored as a design problem. With this condition as our main focus and the city of San Sebastian as our testing ground, we will look at the urban fabric and complex Pirenaica topography that poses a huge challenge for infrastructural design due to its ecological, social and urban implications. We will create new material dialogues between topography and infrastructure through computational design and respond to the
existing contemporary hybrid ecologies.

The workshop will focus on the hybridisation of tailored infrastructures through adaptive micro-scale prototypes in conjunction with local fabricators and R+D institutions. Designers will engage with digital fabrication and generative/evolutionary design processes to develop customised design solutions.

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