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Clara Oloriz Sanjuan

Clara Olóriz Sanjuán is a PhD architect, tutor and practising architect. She graduated from the ETSA Universidad de Navarra and obtained her PhD on the relationship between architecture and technology focusing on industrialized systems of production at the ETSAUN and at the AA. She has worked for Foreign Office Architects, Arquitectos Cerouno, Plasma studio and Groundlab. Currently, she teaches at the AALU masters program as a design tutor and in the ‘Scripting Prototypes’ workshop as well as at the ETSA Universidad de Navarra. She has collaborated in several workshops in Mexico, Croacia or Spain. She is also co-directing the AA Visiting School ‘Computing Topos’ in Bilbao.



Douglas Spencer

Douglas Spencer has studied the history of art, design and architecture, holds a master’s degree in cultural studies, and was awarded his PhD from the University of Westminster in 2012. He teaches history and theory in the graduate school of the Architectural Association, London. His research and writing on urbanism, architecture, landscape, film and critical theory has been published in journals including The Journal of ArchitectureRadical PhilosophyAA FilesDomusArchitectural Design, and Topos. He has also contributed chapters to collections on urban design, utopian literature and contemporary architecture.

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  1. rossibell says:

    Hola, soy estudiante de arquitectura, estoy realizando mi tesis para obtener mi titulo, me intereso mucho el tema de la tesis doctoral: Projecting Technology Systems of Production in 1950s and 60s Spanish Architecture, he buscado informacion pero solo encuentro resumenes muy cortos, quiera saber si existe acceso a informacion o bibliografia que pudiera consultar y tener idea cuales furon tus resultados y conclusiones.


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